Links (5/7/2014)

bsb 5:7Most of my time is currently being devoted to Econometrics class as well as learning how to code in JavaScript. Not sure if the blog as it used to exist will make a return anytime soon, but
I will do my best to post links and status updates as frequently as possible.

Piketty Review

I have not read Piketty, but hope to be able to do so before the year ends (ambitious considering that the book is over 700 pages long and probably dryer than a dead man’s bones). However, this is the most in-depth review I have seen as of yet, and echoes a lot of other reviewers opinions. If you haven’t heard of Piketty or don’t know about his arguments, read this NOW.

Twitter – Here? or Dead?

This is a good argument. I definitely see Twitter changing, but I’m not sure I’m ready to classify it as dead yet. I do think it has been largely overtaken by self-promoters (I admit to sometimes being one of these). I also think that the change in Twitter’s use shows the impracticality of a “true” social network in this day and age – after the age of 21 we’re all aware of the transparency of our internet personas – we’re hesitant to let people know too much about us. Also, any site that attracts a large amount of traffic is determined to monetize through ads, which ironically drive away most of the regular traffic and leads to advertisers advertising to other advertisers (doh).

Guards and the Economy

“‘You have money spent on guarding stuff rather than making stuff,’ said Michael Hood, an economist at Barclays Capital. ‘There‚Äôs a large population standing around in blue blazers rather than engaged in more productive activities.’ He was talking about Latin America, but could have been describing things in the United States.”

Sports Bubble?

What’s going to happen to college sports, and even just colleges when cable TV dies and moves to online streaming? When the faucet turns off and we get “ghost conferences” like the PAC 12, BIG 12, BIG 10, ACC, etc.? Will schools’ academics crumble? The sports machine feeds itself but also largely feeds other programs…